"Incredibly, I used this secret technique to rake in an incredible $147,000 on just two trades!" (See below)

Dear Reader,

Anthony Speciale here.


I’ll cut right to it - you need one simple thing to up your trading game to a brand new level.


This specialized technique is super-successful on Wall Street...


And it’s been very lucrative for me personally. Nothing less than a LIFE SAVER!

Look, do you think guys on Wall Street are trading 6,000 equities and looking at charts all day? No. Trust me they aren’t.


Their secret is finding a handful or even ONE thing to trade.


And understanding it BETTER than anyone else… meaning they can see moves happening BEFORE anyone else.. and repeatedly tap them for reliable profits.


It’s their “secret sauce”, and I want to make it yours as well - -

So about 10 years ago, I decided to totally revamp my trading style to see if it worked.


After tons of trial and error, I finally hit pay dirt.

Today, I’m thrilled to say I’ve discovered a revolutionary way of trading that I believe can make your trading more consistent…


Helping to limit your losses… 


While potentially churning out impressive gains, like clockwork.

You might say, “Hey Anthony, if you’re so confident, show me the results.”

OK, I will.

Let me do something you won’t see from all those so-called gurus out there…

You know, the blowhards who say one thing, and do another.

I’m not afraid to show you the real deal results…

As proven by my actual account statements from TradeStation.

So here are my results from February and March 2020…

Draw your eye to the “verified” image at the right…

The first one shows how I banked $47,220 on one trade in February…


And I topped that up with a gigantic $100,700 payday in March…


The crazy thing is I made all this money on JUST TWO TRADES

Using the exact SAME specialized technique I’m telling you about today.

Now, let me be clear…

I won’t say you’ll never lose, because anyone who says that is lying.

If that’s what you’re after, I suggest you stop right here.

But I’ve figured out a way that in the past has made those losses exceptionally rare.

So if the time, effort and UNCERTAINTY required has been holding you back from claiming your fortune as a trader…

I have incredible news.

Today, I’m unveiling the pinnacle achievement of my career. 

And the best thing of all is…

If you have a basic laptop or smartphone, and a minimum of $250 in “adventure money” to spare, you have everything you need to get started.

I only wish I had access to this incredible breakthrough when I was a young man.

But it was an impossible dream.

You see…

I grew up in the “badlands” of northern New Jersey. Bruce Springsteen country….

Where everyone was looking for a way out of factory life.

My parents didn’t have a choice.

My mom was a nurse’s aide, and my dad started the family business as an auto mechanic right in my grandparent's garage.

We were just kids, so we were oblivious to the stress in their voices, on their faces.

Man, it must have been tough.

Money was incredibly tight… we were barely keeping a step ahead from the bankruptcy knock at the door.

My dad worked non-stop, 7 days a week, throughout my entire childhood .

And with that… sadly… he missed out on so many things… school events, birthdays, family vacations and so much more. 

But at least he was keeping a roof over our heads.


Then tragedy struck.

Cancer took my mother at a young age, and I watched everything change… 

The business needed help, and so did my family.

I had no choice but to step up.

At first, I didn’t know what to do.

I had been a mediocre student in high school, so how could I make a real difference?

Working as a car mechanic wasn’t going to cut it in the long term.

But I was determined to find a way.

I looked at the stock market… I started trading and I tried strategy after strategy to figure something out. 


I tried dozens of different trading educational programs, strategies and indicators, many of which didn't deliver consistently. 

They would be great for a while, but then would fall apart.

I started thinking I wasn’t cut out for it.

I’d been trying for so long, with so little success, my friends and co-workers started telling me I was wasting my time.

I made the classic trader mistakes…

⇨    I would cut my winners short, and let my losers run. BAD MOVE!

⇨    I would double down after taking a loss—thinking the next trade will fix all my problems. WRONG!

In the end, I blew up several trading accounts.

I’m not too proud to admit I drained them down to zero… squandering TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars!

I lost endless nights of sleep over the internal conflicts in my mind from my failures… 

But thankfully, I turned it around.

I worked hard for a decade, constantly coming up the steep learning curve.

I studied the market. I watched the trends. I got to understand the patterns with my eyes closed.

And I never gave up.

All my hard work finally paid off…

It got to the point where I could almost predict what would happen better than anyone I knew.

I was riding the markets, anticipating their movements, and nailing big paydays like crazy.

So, after over a decade of expertise, I went from being a washed up $18 an hour grease monkey…

Helping my family stay afloat…

To putting down my wrenches… and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in practically passive income.

And it’s simple to do once you know what you’re doing.

People ask me, “Is it really as easy as a few simple clicks to set up each new trade?”

I tell them, Darned right it is…

The terrific thing is anyone with access to a basic smartphone or PC can follow this process.

Janitor, teacher, electrician, unemployed bricklayer… I mean ANYONE!

It essentially comes down to this…

√  “Follow these 3 simple steps, then shut your screen off, and walk away”

3 boxes

Because one particular sector of the market is BOOMING…

And online platforms have made the logistics of trading it easier.

Now, let me tell you more about it.


So How’d I Finally ‘Crack the Code’ to a Life of
Riches and Freedom?

I didn’t get here by trading penny stocks… crypto… or anything super-volatile like that.

The secret was I started focusing on one specific asset class

A hidden corner of the financial market that rewards you for knowing its ins and outs…

That’s when it all started making sense.

It started to pay off in huge numbers for me.

So I kept at it with the discipline and consistency in my DNA to the point that I knew this market like the back of my hand.

Thank goodness I didn’t give up and pull the plug too soon.

All I wanted was a simple, smart way to streamline that effort down to near-zero, so I could get on with enjoying my life, my family, my hobbies.

Even better if this strategy was as BULLETPROOF as any trading strategy can get.

So if you’re tired of getting whiplash from a volatile market… 

If you’d rather stop working for “the man” and be your own boss…

If you want to start LIVING, not just surviving…

You’re gonna like this. A LOT.


Because no matter what the talking heads are screaming about…

No matter what taxes the politicians have planned for you tomorrow… 

You should always have the opportunity to go after big winners.

Introducing Pipeline Profits from the SPECIALE REPORT -- Your Fastpass to Freedom


Remember when I said I like to focus on ONE asset class?


Well, way back when, I was fascinated by one of my mentors. 


Not because he lived in a huge house and not because he always had two brand new Bentley's in his driveway, or because of the Rolex on his wrist. I was fascinated by the fact that he called his own shots everywhere he went.


Hey, I’m a rather simple guy, and if I had all the money in the world I’d still live in my simple house and drive my simple pickup truck. That’s just the way I am.


But boy, did I want to be able to call shots like he could!


So I studied this man, he traded only 1 stock. He knew this stock inside and out. 


He traded it long, he traded it short and he made money in both directions. So I thought to myself, if I could master just one stock or asset class - I can call the shots just like he did.

And that’s EXACTLY what I did. 


I studied one particular commodity, inside and out. 


Now I understand and know the technicals on this commodity as if my life depended on it.

as far as I know

And the great thing for you is I’ve created an exclusive service that lets you tap this trading opportunity for all it’s worth!


Week… after week… after week.


No, I Don’t Target Google… Amazon… Netflix… or Any Random Blue Chip Stock in the S&P 500

Hey, let’s face it.

Not everyone wants to grind out trades for 6 or 7 hours per day.

I sure don’t. It’s just not my style.

So, I was on the lookout for something that I knew was highly consistent, extremely liquid, and profitable… giving me the key to live the carefree lifestyle I envisioned for myself and my family. 

Like I said, after all these years of trial and error…

I finally find myself in the enviable position of being able to generate amazing results doing something relatively easy and quick…

That seemingly anyone can do.

I’m often able to predict moves before they happen in just ONE industry…     


With uncanny ability.

Hey, I regularly pull in over 6 figures a year using this specialized technique.

In fact, using this one technique alone, I cranked out major profits on my first two trades of 2021…

⇨     The first trade taken in January yielded a 517.50% ROI

⇨     And the second in June yielded a 136.67% ROI.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t guarantee that I’m always right, but I am most of the time.


And thanks to those three simple steps and my hard work and effort in research and analysis…

I can sit back and watch my bank account grow like crazy..

I can’t wait to tell you more about it…

     Today I’m Identifying Profitable Opportunities…
By Exploiting What I See as Highly Predictable Moves in the Crude Oil Market!

Anyone who’s filled up their gas tank recently…


Knows that the price of Crude Oil has been on a tear.

crude oil

“Biden Suddenly Loves Frackers”

- Wall Street Journal


Gas prices are sky high and Bank of America warns $120-a-barrel oil is on the way”

 - CNN

“U.S. crude oil price tops $80 a barrel, the highest since 2014”


It’s only logical. Think about it…


Crude’s principal source of demand is gasoline.


And with Covid-19, most of the world stayed home and kept the car in the driveway.


We stopped consuming as much gasoline almost overnight. 


Producers can’t react instantly, though. They continued churning out crude, and a classic, sudden glut was the result.


Storage was hard to come by — so after a while U.S. output fell off a cliff.


OK, by now the world has mostly reopened, and people in most places have returned to driving. 


However, crude output has been slow to recover. 


Compounded by OPEC+’s continued output restrictions, this has created a supply/demand imbalance, with demand growing a lot faster than supply.


There is no real indication this is about to change over the next 6-12 months, at least.


Until something changes, the crude market will stay tight. You don’t need a Harvard economics degree to know that means higher prices.


So come on… it’s your turn to play this megatrend for reliable profits!


     When You Join My New Venture Pipeline Profits Today, You’ll Get 8 Potential Ways to Capitalize on Every Single Crude Oil Trade Opportunity

You’ve heard the phrase “there’s lots of ways to skin a cat”, right?


Well there’s also a ton of ways to make this crude oil megatrend pay you like an ATM machine. 


Simply put, it all comes down to your style of trading.


That’s why I love to trade the WTI Light Sweet Crude Futures & Options Market…

The terrific thing about this commodity that I’ve studied for the past decade is that when I trade it, there’s 8, that’s right 8 different ways to position yourself for potential  profits.


⇨    ENTRY #1: The underlying commodity itself

⇨    ENTRY #2: The 50% reduced size contract

⇨    ENTRY #3: The 90% reduced sized contract

⇨    ENTRY #4: The full contract futures option

⇨    ENTRY #5: The unleveraged ETF

⇨    ENTRY #6: The unleveraged ETF option

⇨    ENTRY #7: The leveraged ETF

⇨    ENTRY #8: And finally, the leveraged ETF option.


So regardless of your preferred approach, my new service from the Speciale Report called Pipeline Profits is nearly guaranteed to have a trading angle that works with your style.


Now, want a sneak peek at how it actually works?


Let’s jump right in…


Just a few months ago, I told my followers that an exciting new opportunity in crude oil was brewing – and I gave them 8 exciting ways to play it.


It was based on this chart…


Looks like something a Ph.D might draw up, right?


Rest assured, you don’t have to untangle this mess. I’ll do that for you.


You see, over the past decade I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on tracking tools needed to identify big moves. Things like:


⇨     Channel Structuring, Trend Development and Changing, Multiple Timeframe Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Volume Analysis, Speed lines

Can you see in the chart above how the crude oil futures price has been trending up over the last month or two?


On September 24, 2021, I outlined the eight big ways to exploit this chart for potentially huge profits.




Entry #1: CLX21 Futures Contract BUY @ $74.25, Entry TARGET @ $77.50, Entry STOP @ $71.50


Entry #2: Nov 21 77-Strike {./LOX21C77:XNYM} BUY up to $0.95


Entry #3: QMX21 Futures Contract BUY @ $74.25, Entry TARGET @ $77.50, Entry STOP @ $71.50


Entry #4: MCLX21 Futures Contract BUY @ $74.25, Entry TARGET @ $77.50, Entry STOP @ $71.50


Entry #5: [ETF] - USO, BUY @ $52.00, Manage trade by following CLX21 price action.


Entry #6: [ETF Option] - Nov 21 54-Strike {.USO211119C54} BUY up to $1.50


Entry #7: [ETF] - UCO, BUY @ $82.00, Manage trade by following CLX21 price action.


Entry #8: [ETF Option] - Nov 21 85-Strike {.UCO211119C85} BUY up to @ $5.95


If some of these entries confuse you, don’t worry.


I’ll help you decipher them within your first 30 minutes as a member of Pipeline Profits.


But suffice it to say, these were the eight angles of attack for generating short-term profits…


I was hoping we’d be able to close them out in a month or two…






That’s right.

We scored profits on each and every position. Check it out…

⇨    Entry #1: CLX21 Futures Contract: $6,000.00 of margin per contract traded, $4,250.00 of profit per contract traded = 70.83% ROI
⇨    Entry #2: Nov 21 77-Strike: $950.00 of margin per option traded, sold @ $2,750.00 per option traded = 189.47% ROI
⇨    Entry #3: QMX21 Futures Contract:$3,000.00 of margin per contract traded, $2,125.00 of profit per contract traded = 70.83% ROI
⇨    Entry #4: MCLX21 Futures Contract: $600.00 of margin per contract traded, $425.00 of profit per contract traded = 70.83% ROI
⇨    Entry #5: [ETF] -- USO: $52.00 per share traded to buy, sold @ $55.27 per share traded = 6.29% ROI
⇨    Entry #6: [ETF Option] - Nov 21 54-Strike: $150.00 of margin per option traded, sold @ $305.00 per option traded = 103.33% ROI
⇨    Entry #7: [ETF] - UCO, BUY @ $82.00: $82.00 per share traded to buy, sold @ $92.79 per share traded = 13.16% ROI
⇨    Entry #8: [ETF Option] - Nov 21 85-Strike: $595.00 of margin per option traded, sold @ $1255.00 per option traded = 110.92% ROI
another chart

See how awesome this is?


You could have been IN on September 24… and OUT on October 5… with a pot full of double- and triple-digit ROI wins in your trading account.


Oh yeah, before I forget…


Thanks to recent developments in the options trading market… even the smallest trader is able to get skin in the game for less money than ever before.


1/2 sized and 1/10 sized positions are now available for the little guy.


In this case, you could've bought into this trade for as little as $225.


And the news gets better…


With Pipeline Profits, I release a brand new trade opportunity on average once a month in the WTI Crude Oil exchange. So you never have to wait too long in between opportunities.


Every day in between, I’ll be parsing through charts like these to find the next 1,000+ tick opportunity…


Rest assured, when the next one pops up, over the next month or so…


I’ll do my best to show you exactly how to set up the trade. Once I identify it, I’ll show you 8 fantastic ways to play it.


And once you’re in, you won’t have to wait to close out your position. Two or three months is unusual. I’m targeting exit dates within just a few weeks.


Because it doesn’t take very long for these trades to come to fruition.


Once you close your first trade, you’ll know how to do it over and over again.


Now, when I said my Pipeline Profits system serves up massive six-figure profit potentiaI… I wasn’t lying.


Anyone can get lucky… and there are no guarantees… but I prefer to back it up with cold, hard numbers based on what I have done in the past.


Fact is, I’ve had a banner few months. I identified approximately 1,775 ticks worth of profit opportunity without any losses. That nets out to about $17,750.00 for each e-mini contract traded .


Here’s a MONSTER TRADE we opened in April


Everything fell into line like I expected, meaning only one thing…


This baby was clear for takeoff, and it performed really, really well.


How well?


⇨    We managed to book $93,940 in realized profits on this one trade.


So let’s say you want to dip your toes in before jumping head-first into the deep end.


You could have traded 10% of what I did (by taking 1 contract instead of 10), and you would have had the potential to earn almost $10,000 over the 2 months this trade was open.


Not too shabby, right?


Again, your choice on which way you want to play it…


And how much you want to invest.


But the bottom line is…


It’s completely changed my life… and I want to share my blessings by opening up this opportunity to you, too.

I’m not gonna gloss over the obvious…

It took me a lot of pain, anguish, and sleepless nights to reach this point.

But I’ve finally earned my stripes as a successful trader.

Now I’m finally ready to share this strategy with the world – one investor at a time.

Nothing would make me happier than to see this revolutionary trading method change your life…

Just like it has changed mine. 

Like I said earlier, I barely graduated high school. 

But when I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

Maybe you, too, have struggled to find the “golden key.”

You’ve been searching high and low for a shortcut that lets you go from novice to master trader… in record time.

Well, that’s exactly how I think of my new Pipeline Profits method.

When you take the next logical step in just a moment…

I guarantee you one thing…

You’re going to learn a few secrets you’ve never seen, and while nothing is guaranteed, with some luck and effort you’ll be setting yourself up for some heavy profits!


Once you get a sniff of the money you can make…

Once you get a taste of the freedom that comes with it…

It will be life changing!!!

Just look what happened in the two months of February and March 2020, for example.

Draw your eye to the “verified” image at the right or my TradeStation printouts…

The first one shows how I banked $47,220 in February…


And followed up the very next month with a $100,700 profit payday…


And the craziest thing of all is I made all this money on JUST TWO TRADES

Using the exact SAME specialized technique I’m telling you about today.

Hey, what other trader has the guts to show you his real-life account statements…

Uncensored and in full?

No one that I know.

It’s all to show you how crazy POWERFUL and super RELIABLE this approach is.

Let me be clear… These trades are ‘copy and paste’ easy and simple to execute.


I get asked all the time, “Hey Anthony, how much experience do I need?”

It gives me a thrill to say “You can do it. Even if you barely know what the heck the stock market is.”

So even rookies can jump right in.

Honestly, even the Average Joe with no stock experience can walk in and follow my methods.

Now nothing is guaranteed, and you should do your due diligence to make sure you understand the risks and that my past performance does not guarantee future results.

But I am super confident in what I do - that is why I make the same trades I recommend to others.

I’ve shared some of these secrets with my immediate family members…

My next door neighbors…

A few close friends…

And I’m tempted to whisper it to the mailman, too!

It’s that easy. Anyone can do it.

Let me repeat…

I built Pipeline Profits to be my Fastpass to Freedom – and now it can be yours, too.

My strategy was built to trade passively and produce massively. 

Because I wanted financial stability for my family.

I wanted to multiply my revenue and supersize my bank accounts.

It fundamentally comes down to just three simple steps.

After that, I literally turn my computer monitor off. 

Simply put, I built this strategy from the ground up to be the best thing out there to help you start building GENERATIONAL WEALTH.

Mark my words…

You only need to know, understand and trade ONE asset to be incredibly successful and profitable. 

And at this moment in time, I believe nothing can compare to the Crude Oil market…

Especially with prices climbing, and no end to all the volatility.

I don’t want to say this too loud, because folks believe it’s impossible, but

I have predictions regarding exactly what it’s going to do in the coming days…

And the numbers prove it.

Psssst… I closed 2021 well above the 6-figure mark. And I have no intention of slowing down.

Honestly, if all goes well, it's as close to passive income as you're gonna find… almost like money in the bank.

I’m so happy you’re reading this today

While I’ve shared this secret technique with a few friends, neighbors, and family members… 

I’ve only exclusively shown it to the general public in a very limited setting.

Even though I’ve kept it pretty private, I’m getting rave reviews from the folks I’ve communicated this technique to.

Like Rob who started small with just $1,500… then made all this in his first 4 months of trading…

only 1500

Of course, not every single trade ends with huge numbers, and not every trade turns a profit. Anyone who tells you that you are guaranteed nothing but profits in the market is selling snake oil.  

But that’s a part of knowing how to properly manage your positions. 

Remember, I give you 8 ways to get positioned with every recommendation.

And you don’t need to hit a towering home run every time at bat.

Base hits still add up to real money in the bank!!! 

How do I do it?

I’m fortunate to be able to overlay a combination of proprietary indicators to show me large inflows of cash paired with traditional long handed analysis.

It sounds confusing, but it’s really not.

My proprietary algorithm crunches all the numbers and that justifies my entering a new position.

⇨    Here’s one of my secrets… I watch what the people with the big bucks are doing and ride their coattails all the way to the bank.

Once we’re in, I continually monitor the situation to see when to book profits, or whether to let a trade run a little longer.

Watching the future price action and seeing how the large financial institutions behave… 

Paired with indicators and analysis from my proprietary algorithm…

Is what allows me to pull in strong returns historically.

I’ve been doing it for so long, I can almost predict how a trade is going to go with my eyes closed.

And it’s working like gangbusters!

Check out this snapshot… $100,640 profit into the bank between April – June, 2021.


And a 517.50% whopper of a profit we bagged recently too:


Here’s another one.

In March 2019, we placed this order 

3/15/2019 … CLK19 @ 1800

LONG @ 58.82

POSITION CLOSED 1800 ON 4/15/19 @ 63.40


30 days… more than $40,000 in profits.

That’s the kind of super-quick, super-powerful ammo I’m talking about.

Bottom line, having this proprietary algorithm at my fingertips really makes a huge difference… it takes out the guesswork.

It’s proven itself in spades for my personal portfolio over time – I’ve relied on it for over a decade now.

The big takeaway here is that anyone can do it with the right tools and right information.

As I’ve said, most traders approach trading the WRONG way.

They let their losers run and cut their winners short.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot doing that.

My strategy helps you do the complete opposite, so you cut any losers short, while letting all those winners run long and hard.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Look I’m not just saying it. I have the verified & audited results to PROVE it.

Here’s another real-life trade example:

1/3/2019 … CLG19 @ 0600

LONG @ 46.20

TARGET @ 56.20


PROFIT: $43,100.00


And another one…

5/23/2019 … CLN19 @ 0600

SHORT @ 60.41

TARGET @ 50.41

STOPPED @ 53.76

PROFIT: $66,500.00

That’s just 2 trades… paying out a total of more than $100,000.

Ten-fold gains are not unheard of, opened and closed in a short period of time.

That kind of exponential profit can change your life. I know it has changed mine.

Listen, You Only Need a Few 200-500% Winners a Year -- While Avoiding Big Losers -- to Change Your Life.

Imagine making these trades with $10,000 invested. It’s life changing.

Even if you go smaller with just $1,000 in, and by reinvesting your winnings on the next trade, you could be on your way to retirement heaven!

Because this is way different from investing in plain old stocks.

Where you’d be lucky to make 5%... 10%... or 15% given the craziness in the markets.

But playing the Crude Oil futures has historically shown performance that could potentially earn you 10X what you’d make in stocks.

As a full disclaimer, I typically don't buy stocks because I'm looking for a leveraged position. That means if the trade does what I anticipate it to do, I have the opportunity to get a 194% return as opposed to the 14% return from a stock.

That’s a possibility of 10 times more money.

I see it as a no-brainer.

And here’s your chance to partner with a true market expert who can slant the odds heavily in your favor every time – so you almost never lose.

My Fortune Has Changed, But Not Who I Am

Every day, I see novices overanalyzing the market… keeping an eye on what’s going on with 6,000 equities out there.

They get distracted, and make a mistake.

They end up jumping the gun on a buy, or pulling the plug too soon…

Or maybe they hold on too long and lose it all.

Hey, I was that guy ten years ago!

It goes back to my life story…

I felt responsible. Like it was on my shoulders… and I wasn’t going to let everyone down.

Now that I’ve gotten it to work like a well-oiled machine, I can give my wife and our kids the life they deserve. 

Cuz let’s face it, Day trading is a hassle.

It takes a lot out of you. You’re up one day, then down the following day. It’s a massive game of chess with your money hanging in the balance.

But this is totally different.

This strategy is downright simple once you know what you’re doing.

I boil it down to 3 simple steps…

√  “Follow these 3 simple steps, then shut your screen off, and walk away .”

3 boxes

And you get to follow my lead. Every time.

Completely Done for You (Well, Almost)

Behind the scenes, Pipeline Profits from the Speciale Report will be doing all the hard work for you.

All the decision making…All the analysis…All the data finding and number crunching…

Is completely done for you.

Then every two weeks, you tune in for my LIVE ONLINE BROADCAST

And follow my guidance on how to exploit the latest WTI crude oil trade opportunity. It’s really about as simple as that.

Plus, you’ll get 8 ways to play every single trade!

So you can go for the big time straight away… or tap my proprietary, proven strategy for BIG profit opportunities from SMALL trades.

Personally, I’d prefer to start small, rack up a nice series of wins, constantly rolling over my winnings…

At least until you get up to speed.

But how many trades you make...

Which of the 8 entry options you choose…

Whether you reinvest your profits in another trade... or “take the money and run.”

These are questions only YOU can answer.

You can relax, because we have almost everything else covered. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Remember, this same trading method has me on track to cranking out 6-figures in profits year after year.

That means starting today, you could start going after your share of “Pipeline Profits” without thinking about it.

It doesn’t matter how busy life gets…

How many chores are on your to-do list...

The number of family obligations you have…

Whether you have a late night at the office, or an unexpected emergency comes out of nowhere…

Pipeline Profits is always working for you.


The great thing is you don’t have to be a computer whiz.

Even if you have a 10-year old laptop, you can do it.

There’s nothing to install. Just activate your favorite device and you’re set.

It’s about as simple as logging in to any website.

Then you can use all the proprietary tools inside the Pipeline Profits engine.

It’s that easy. Now, the first question I get is always…

“How does it work? What does a day in the life look like with Pipeline Profits?”

Truthfully, it will look like your life does right now, with two exceptions.


You get to tune into my LIVE ONLINE BROADCAST every other Wednesday…

That’s where I break down the latest trade idea I’ve found… and give you my suggestions for how to get positioned…and at what prices.

Besides that call, everything is automated for you.

You’ll get a weekly position update via email, and you’ll be notified by email or text when our trades hit their profit targets.

That way you know when you’ve got money waiting for you, and you can get it right away.

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Two Live Pipeline Profits Sessions per month - giving you V.I.P access to 24 sessions over the next year.

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Our unique Trading Idea Trackers that track the trades after they are recommended in our bi-weekly calls…

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And let's not forget your free Special Report, called

Anthony Speciale’s Top 5 Stocks for the New Energy Supercycle

Speciale report




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Remember, I’ll be in these live sessions with you — looking for the best ways to maximize our gains, while minimizing our risk, and making sure you’re comfortable with the fast pace. You’ll also get:

 Post-Trading Room Summaries. Don’t worry. Even if you miss a session, you’ll always have access to video replays, plus written details of the recommended trades. 

 Smart Money Multiplier Trade Tracker. Go here to track the trades we discovered during the live sessions (plus all 8 ways on how to play them). This is a great resource to keep on top of how our real-life trades are performing. 

● Your VIP Members-Only Website — Here you’ll find anything you may have missed — including Pipeline Profits archives (both video and text formats), trade recommendation performance, Alerts, FAQs, and much more. 

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Anthony Speciale’s Top 5 Stocks for the New Energy Supercycle…

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Anthony Speciale

Anthony Speciale
Editor, The Speciale Report’s Pipeline Profits

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P.S. I came up tough, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Because it taught me life lessons. Today I make plenty of Passive Income… By exploiting highly predictable moves in the Crude Oil market. And you can, too!

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